Speed up Kibana autorefresh [solved]

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I'm new to ES and Kibana and I'm not exactly sure where the limits of customizing are, so I thought I'd ask before I keep looking into it any further on my own.

I am using ES and Kibana to display machine data and would like to do that as close to real time as possible.
Uploading the data and everything seems to be working just fine, but the fact that I can only autorefresh every 5s makes everything seem very slow. Depending on the machine I can read values in 4ms :smiley:

I would like to make changes to Kibana to so that I can autorefresh every second or even faster.

Is this possible somehow? If so, what is the best approach?

Should I look into writing my own plugin? Or should I change the source code itself?

I think the second approach would be easiest, but I don't even have an idea where to start looking for those parameters.

Anyone any ideas?

Best regards

edit: Ok, after I continued my search I found the refresh_intervals.js and changed everything according to my own needs

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Editing the refresh_intervals.js file works but that might be a bit fragile. The file would get overwritten when you upgrade Kibana so you will have to go change it again.

What about using the timepicker:refreshIntervalDefaults Advanced Setting in Kibana? You can get to it by clicking on Management (the gear icon in the left nav) > Advanced Settings. Changing its value to something like the following might work for you:

  "display": "1s",
  "pause": false,
  "value": 1

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ok that is of course way simpler... as I said, I'm new to Kibana and ES and didn't know there was such a setting, but I guess I will take the hard way more than once in the future :smiley:

But thank you very much!

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