How can i do a multiple search query?

I'm trying to get results of an index, by sending an GET http call from Postman for both date range and for a field ("log_type") which I added manually,

So for now I'm able to get the results, when i query it individually such as:

Date Range: http://localhost:9200/dialog_test/_search?q=timestamp:[2016-08-05+TO+2016-08-06]

log_type: http://localhost:9200/dialog_test/_search?q=log_type:GetProvisioning%20SUCCESS

In the url above (log_type), GetProvisioning Success is a log_type.

So what I wanted to know is, how can I combine both of them into a single query in order to identify, what're the results between a certain date range and with a specific log_type?

Any help could be appreciated.

Found the answer, inserting an "AND" clause in between did the trick.