How can i use iframe code in emails watcher

I want my dashboard to be view in email so i copied the iframe code and pasted in html email watcher but i see blank in emails.Please help me in embedding it or mention any other way to show dashboard on email.

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Hello Bhushan,

I'd suggest leveraging our automatic report generation for this sort of functionality, as it's designed for exactly this use case.


Hi Aaron,
Thank you for the suggestions.
I have bit of questions on solution you provided.

1)How can i generate the api for my dashboard (e.g "url": ",mode:quick,to:now)))

Do i need to put my dasboard name in above api or do i need to generate it from somewhere.

2)If i use the above api do i need to change the host in api or it will remain same as "".

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Great! Thank you for sharing.
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Prempal Singh
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Hi Aaron,
Can you suggest me another way rather then automatic report generation.


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