How can split kibana discovery log in column permanently?

(Abu Sayeed) #1

Kibana Discovery logs format:

host:VM_5 source:/home/user/user.log message:smsStatus : [SENT]

But I wish log format:

host: source: message:
VM_5 /home/user/user.log smsStatus : [SENT]

(Lukas Olson) #2

You can add the columns you'd like to see in the discovery table by clicking "Add" next to a field in the field list (which is at the far left of the screen).

(Abu Sayeed) #3

Yes I have done that. Its a temporary solution. cause adding columns will be vanish after closing the browser. And I have to add after opening Browser. I don't want to add columns. but discovery fields will be display columns by columns.
How can do that? I wish help of any expert


(Lukas Olson) #4

There's also an advanced setting, defaultColumns, that you can set to the columns you'd like displayed by default when you open Discover. You could set it to host,source,message.

(Abu Sayeed) #5


its working well

(system) #6

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