How can we share kbn-top-nav when we sharing dashboard

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how can we share kbn-top-nav when we sharing dashboard?
if not how can I implement it by change the source code

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Hi there, you can remove the embed query parameter from the embed tag, so something like this:

<iframe src="http://localhost:5601/nei/app/kibana#/dashboard/f06234a0-a7b0-11e7-a2c5-a1621919da4c?embed=true&_g=()" height="600" width="800"></iframe>

will become this:

<iframe src="http://localhost:5601/nei/app/kibana#/dashboard/f06234a0-a7b0-11e7-a2c5-a1621919da4c?_g=()" height="600" width="800"></iframe>

However, this will embed your Dashboard with both the top nav AND the side nav, which may not be what you want. Does this help?


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thanks cjcenizal, but as you say, the side nav is useless, how can we remove it

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I'm afraid the functionality you're looking for doesn't exist yet. You can submit a pull request if you're interested in adding this functionality to Kibana.


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