How can we use i18n in plugin index.js

kibana version: 5.5
how can we use i18n in plugin/index.js?
cause I wanna translate the app menu title.


there is currently no internationalization build into Kibana. You can follow #17201 for updates on the topic.


no, afaik, we can use $translate.instant to do some translation, but how can we use that in plugin/index.js, where we cannot use $translate , seems even the new RFC cannot do translate for menu title

Of course you can use $translate (aka angular-translate) to translate your frontend, but there is still no proper build in support for e.g. switch your language in Kibana.

Also plugin/index.js will run on the server side, so there won't be any angular translate available and since there is no i18n currently in Kibana there is also no other solution.

I will leave a comment in the RFC about that server side internationalization.

emmm, I do some hack to support that, maybe not the best practice. by the way, I will wait the official solution. anyway, I will close this issue. thanks @timroes, for your quick answer

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