How customizable Is Tooltip when tooltips=false in the configuration?

I am using Elasticsearch and Kibana v.7.6.1 and Vega v.4.3.0.
I added tooltips:false in configuration of Vega to show full length of text in tooltips. Unless I add this code, the text does not show up in full length if it's too long.

The code I added is below.


I wonder if there is a way to change the white to another color of tooltips to recognize easily if it's tooltip area or graph area.

Hi m-amano,

I've looked at the source code, unfortunately it is not possible to set the background color of the tooltip. The setting allows to set it to true/false like in your example, or an extended config can be provided with position, padding, centerOnMark and textTruncate settings but there is no color option.