Vega Tooltip does not show full text

I'm using Elasticsearch and Kibana version 7.6.1 and Vega version 4.3.0.

When I hover the data, it will show up the details but the value of policy is too long and does not show full name.


The code I added is below.

"tooltip":{"signal":"{policy:datum.type, count:datum.count}"}

How many characters is the policy? I tried with over 60 characters on this example and it worked.

Hi, @aaron-nimocks.

I've already tried to show only the value without key successfully with 39 characters.

What I want is to follow the format key:value.
It does not work on Kibana of Elasticsearch Service with a free 14-day trial.
(will be expired in 10 days)

Hi @aaron-nimocks, thank you for showing us your case. Unfortunately right now, we cannot override width to show full-text. But I agree it looks like an issue for some cases. I reported a new issue for that Let's discuss it here.