How delete old index mapping or old template on Kibana's dev tool

hi friends

I would like to know if there is a code to clean up the kibana dev tool...
In these days I created many templates, many mapping and indexes
I know there are commands

DELETE / my_index
DELETE / all
DELETE /my_template

but if i want to reset all configuration?

(i ask this because when i create a new index (with name egual to old name) i see the old mapping.
for example in the photo i see old ge_poit mapping for my new index)

And if i use GET _template i see this

there are many lines
how i can delete it?

DELETE _template/* should do it.

You probably want to take a backup of some sort though.

What do the "Delete _template/* " do?
Delete all template?
Can i make it without problem?
Does it work to delete old fields mapping?
I dont understand why when i delete the template, the pattern and the associated indexs and i create new index and new patter with an egual name as previous, i see ok kibana old mapping fields

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No, just the template for any future indices.

There must be another template that matches. Are you sure you are deleting everything? If so what commands are you running.

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