How do you save Sense Chrome Plugin data?

(Chris) #1

Hello guys,

I am wondering what the way is to save Sense Chrome plugin data? I notice that sometimes what I have written in Sense is saved, and sometimes it is not. By this I mean, sometimes I change things, exit chrome, get back on, and the data I had previously entered in Sense is saved, other times, the data is not saved. How do I make sure i can save changes made to the data in Sense?

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(Isabel Drost-Fromm) #2

While I'm unsure exactly what is going wrong here, you might want to switch to Kibana's built-in Sense/Console.

(Chris) #3

Hey Mainec. Thanks for the suggestion. Not much is going wrong, it is only that sometimes the contents I have written in my Sense plugin is saved, and sometimes it is not. Is there a default save interval or something that I am missing?

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