Where to begin the coding section to get data into ES?

Hi everyone , being a newbie - I have completed installing ELK and Now where to start coding part to get my data(I have some data with me) into elastic search ..Please help me out asap....I have seen sense plugin just downloaded and lost the path..Can any one show right way ...directions ?
-Thanks advance

I'm a newbie too, but am maybe about 15 minutes ahead of you. Sounds like you have the pieces you need, but do get sense, do this:

$./bin/kibana plugin --install elastic/sense

Now start elasticsearch and kibana, then you should be able to run sense (be default) here:


Hope this helps to get you to the point where you can at least tinker with some JSON.


If you're on 5.X then sense = Console and is built into Kibana :slight_smile:

Thanks for the correction! I'm stuck on 2.4.2 due to circumstances beyond my control :-).

Thanks for reply - But I am having issues working with Ubuntu server.

So can I get .deb file for sense ?

I had downloaded and installed .tar.gz and don't know what to do (sounds crazy but true)- just browsed http://localhost:5601/app/sense, got this message - {"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found","message":"Unknown app sense"}

Sense has been replaced by console in 5.0. Which version are you using?

You don't have to install a plugin anymore.

I think version 2.4.1, Can you please let me know - what is the alternative?
How to write to get the data into elastic search ? how you guys are doing - like importing data into es?
-Thanks for quick reply Mr.daddonet

For testing?

First I'd start with 5.1.1. But if you can't then yes install Sense. Or use cloud.elastic.co

For real?

It depends on your use case. You can use your own code (Java, JS, Python...) or something like Logstash.

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