How kibana creates graphs


Hi Team ,

Can you please let me know how Kibana graphs are created in general, as in when we have data from our data source what lead to that data to convert them into graphical representation.We need to some advice as we are facing some issue with our kibana graphs

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I suspect it would be a lot easier for someone to help if you were more specific about what you have tried and what problems you are facing rather than ask a very generic question like that.


Christian ,What we are looking here is we have data stream or like logs which logstash is fetching up from logs and then passing it to elasticsearch

here is the flow

Logs:-->Logstash agent:-->Redis:-->Logstash collector:-->Elasticsearch :--> Kibana

Now when we see graphs at Kibana graphs are distorted ,I need to know why ? or if you let me know how raw data i.e data from logs gets converted from raw to graphical presentation we might be able to troubleshott at which point data is facing the problem to get it converted to graphical form .

Let me know if it helps

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Is this the same issue as Kibana Graphs are broken ?

If so, please do not open multiple issues around the same topic.

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