How many users are accessing elasticsearch at any given moment


I am new to ELK stack and I employed this for log managment for my current project. As per my new requirement, I wanted to know that at a give moment, how many users are accessing elasticsearch or how many request are getting submitted to query data on running elasticsearch instance. Please note that I am not interested to know all requests, only read requests and not write requests.

Is elasticsearch exposing any REST API for above mentioned requirement?

Thanks in advance.


you can check the node indices stats to see the currently open search contexts and how much time has been spent searching, that might help.



I am interested to know how many read requests are being made to running elasticsearch node at any given point of time. I explored the reference document link that you provided but could not figure out required info, its giving some stats. Can you please explain how to get required info from stat data using: _nodes/stats REST API.