How much user can login at same time for basic license ELK version 8.0.0

Hi Team,
I am using basic license of ELK version 8.0.0 , wanted to know how many user can login at same time we are using a docker image for setting it up.

Hi @Gaurav_kr, I could be wrong here, but I've never run into a concurrent user limit with elastic. As long as you have enough resources elastic should be fine. One of the nice things I like about elastic is they don't try to make money off of the number of users (which when companies do that often encourages sub-optimal solutions). :grinning: Just my two cents.


There is no concurrent limit built in either with a Basic Free License or a Paid Commercial License, the limit is solely determined by the capacity of the cluster (CPU,RAM,IO etc)

What the actual limit is is very use-case specific...


Thank you @Wave ,Cheers!

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