How System Index like .monitoring-es-6-2018.02.06 are being deleted automatically

(Hanish Bansal) #1

We are using basic license of X-PACK. All system indexes like .monitoring-es-6-2018.02.06, .monitoring-kibana-6-2018.02.06 are being deleted after 7 days automatically.

I am curious to know how these are being deleted? Is there any scheduled process for deleting such system indexes?

(David Pilato) #2

Yes. Xpack basic removes monitoring data older than 7 days.

(Hanish Bansal) #3

How XPack removes the indexes which are 7 days older?

Actually we also create day wise indexes to keep daily logs, we don't need logs of 15 days back so we want to delete the data automatically. Currently we are doing it via shell script to remove old data of 15 days back.

Is there any better way to do the same (Remove old index after specific interval)?

(David Pilato) #4

You can use curator and automate that somewhat in your cron. Still it's like a script.
Nothing internal that you can use.

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