Why auto delete the monitoring data(7 days) about es and kibana how to change it

[2017-10-10T01:00:00,001][INFO ][o.e.x.m.e.l.LocalExporter] cleaning up [2] old indices
[2017-10-10T01:00:00,003][INFO ][o.e.c.m.MetaDataDeleteIndexService] [xxx.xxx] [.monitoring-kibana-2-2017.10.02/ozkaTfbFRb2u35iQclZvOQ] deleting index
[2017-10-10T01:00:00,003][INFO ][o.e.c.m.MetaDataDeleteIndexService] [xxx.xxx] [.monitoring-es-2-2017.10.02/7fJ_ilDgR-mRXI31fh8Jsg] deleting index

it auto delete the monitoring data about es and kibana it about 7 days save ,the other indices no delete
how change it ?
thanks .

If you are using the free "basic" license for X-Pack, then the monitoring history is limited to 7 days.

If you are using a paid license (gold or platinum) then you can configure the expiry with the xpack.monitoring.history.duration setting in your elasticsearch.yml file.

if gold or platinum also need setting the xpack.monitoring.history.duration in elasticsearch.yml file?
if not set,what the defalut days about it.
"xpack.monitoring.history.duration" set like xpack.monitoring.history.duration: 300d

Please see the documentation for the X-Pack Monitoring Settings

The default value is 7 days for all licenses.
The ability to configure that setting only exists in Gold or Platinum.

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