How to access emsfile for USA States

Trying to get a basic map of USA States to show up via vega. With the following code, I am getting the error "emsfile "USA States" does not exist"

Any idea what the emsfile should be, or what could be wrong:

      "$schema": "",
      "config": {"kibana": {"type": "map", "latitude": 40, "longitude": -97, "zoom": 4}},
      "data": [
          "name": "usastates",
          "url": {"%type%": "emsfile", "name": "USA States"},
          "format": {"type": "json", "property": "features"}
          "name" : "statescount",
          "values" : [
            { "state" : "NY", "count" :"100"},
            { "state" : "CA", "count" : "400"},
            { "state" : "NJ", "count" : "25"}
      "marks": [
          "type": "shape",
          "from": {"data": "usastates"},
          "transform": [{"type": "geoshape", "projection": "projection"}]

Hi @kavorka,

welcome to the community. May I ask which version of kibana are you using for the visualization? I saw there has been few changes to the emsfile handling in Vega during different versions, so just want to make sure they are not your case.

Thanks Marco,

I am using 7.9 ; and this is hosted on AWS.

Have a good one.

This works in version 7.12 hosted on my local. AWS does not support 7.12; may have to move to the cloud.

Hi @kavorka

Well certainly take look at Elastic Cloud the official hosting of Elasticsearch perhaps that would be a good solution. You can try it free for 14 days to make sure.

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