How to add a new field to all my log indices

I'm a new kibana user and you guys have been invaluable to me over the past two months while I get my feet under me. Now I've got a question about logging data. I upload my testpass logs to cloudwatch which then shuffles the logs over to my kibana cluster. Almost all of this was done using the AWS-provided tooling. I did not modify anything with regards to how the log stuff is setup. In the @message field that comes in, I have two fields that are prepended to each message. Now, I want to use those two fields to add those log messages to a dashboard. But Kibana doesn't know they're fields. They just show up in the @message field. How do I tell Kibana to use them as fields, and not just have them as part of the @message field? To make matters worse, I've ended up with a bunch of log streams, each log stream ended up as a separate index in kibana, and all the indexes are addressed as one, "cwl-*". How do I add those two new fields to all the cloudwatch indices?

So you don't see the new fields in Kibana? Perhaps you need to refresh your index pattern.

Hey Nick! (that's my name too!)
Thanks for the response. However, the index doesn't know that I've done anything yet. The way that I added the fields I'm interested in is I just modified the log event message string (the string you find in @message) to include my terms. Here's an example:
@message = "I'm a log statement!"
@message = "[special.variable:13423-2342-23422-12132] [second special variable:123456] I'm a log statement!"
How do I tell Kibana about my special variable and second special variable fields? Is this something I do in cloudwatch? Or in Kibana using a scripted field?

Hi Other Nick (:slightly_smiling_face:)

It sounds like you will want to split the @message field into separate special.variable fields when ingesting them into Elasticsearch. I'm not familiar with your Cloudwatch setup, but maybe you can do this with an ingest processor like grok?

That's it! That's it!!!! Yes! That's how I do it. Ok, cool. Thanks a bunch, Nick :slight_smile:

Let me run off and figure out how to get this doing what I want it to.

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