Log Data in ES from CloudWatch log


I do not know how to solve a problem .. I try to explain ... I have centralized logs on AWS CloudWatch and I send these logs to an instance of elasticsearch through Lambda function.
I create a newspaper index for each log.
only that on elasticsearch it creates me only 16 fields (@id
) and the record of the log inside the fields (@message). and with only these 16 fields I can not create correct views.
for example if I collect the active directory logs from cloudwatch I will find all the log records in the @message field and I can not separate the windows eventid.
I know that you should use winlogon beats to collect the logs correctly but since I already have the logs in the cloudwatch I preferred to use it.
is there a solution?
can someone help me?

Thanks a lot

If you wrote a lamda function to process the events, you should be able to modify your function to create the fields that you want, instead of putting them all in the message field. You could also create a pipeline that can do the same thing.

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