How to add Document View to a Dashboard

In Discover, there is a document table that always appears.

It never appears on my Dashboard even though I saved the query in Discover, and loaded the query for my Dashboard. What else must I do?

I set doc_table:legacy to On in Stack Management->Advanced Settings

Can you share some screenshots?


Discover screen with the Document Table that I want circled in orange

My Dashboard with the panel that uses the same query, but... no Document Table! I want that Document table when I click on the panel

I want something like this - a Dashboard panel with document table next to it.
image.png | Slack (

And you definitely save the Discover view as a search, and added it to the other dashboard?

Yes, I did.

But that did not automatically add a 2nd panel with a Document Table inside like I want.

Can you please give me the instructions on how to do that? Please see the example that I posted - it is from somebody who knows how to do it and did it.

Looking at your Dashboard, it looks like you haven't added the saved search, pls make sure you have like this:

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