How to apply filter in kibana dashboard for linux servers?

Hi All,

I was working with ELK stack for windows version all this while for developing system monitoring graphs based on different host by applying filter in dashboards. The necessary prototype is working fine with 6.0 version. However when i migrated the graphs for Linux servers (downloading the respective tar), and build the graphs in kibana 6.0 and 6.1, none of them had filter on dashboard for hostname or for any other fields.

Is there any plugin that need to be attached like xpack?
Is there anything that i am missing or guessing wrong ?
please let me know if you guys need more input.

Can you explain what you mean by "none of them had filter on dashboard"?

Do you just need to manually add the filters by clicking the "Add a filter" button??


hi @tsullivan,

As you can see that the below screenshot of dashboard does not have 'Add a filter' option.

none of them means both the version 6.0 and 6.1 does not have the filter option.

i have downloaded the kibana from the following link

Could you please help as this is crucial for the product?

Hi, @Abdul_Gaffar_Shaikh

Apologies, I must have been looking at the 5.6 version of Kibana.

You can add a filter to a dashboard by starting in Discover, and add a filter. Then pin the filter. It will show up on the Dashboard.

  1. create a filter in Discover
  2. pin the filter
  3. Filter will be on the Dashboard

Hi again, it looks like this is a known issue, so it will probably be fixed in an upcoming bug fix

Thanks @tsullivan for the help.

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