How to apply filter using JSON input for area chart

I want filter on status field(status=open) in area chat please suggest an json input code for the same

Why do you want to use the json input for this instead of the query bar? staus:open

What version of Kibana are you using?


I am using kibana 5.3.3 I tried using Status: Open its works and splitting the chart but when I click on chart area which has status:open its not filtering the dashboard

Filtering by clicking only works in certain charts but you should always be able to use the controls in the legend like I show in this gif.

First I click on a value in the legend. This opens the color panel and a + and - magnifying glass. If I click on the + icon it adds a filter for that field:value. I can toggle the filter. I can disable/enable the filter. And then I delete it.
Then I also moused-over the value in the Pie Chart and clicked on it and added 2 filters. I can do the same actions with those.

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