Use the legend of a chart to select a field (not change its color)

I have this pie chart in one of my dashboards:

Intuitively it would make sense to be able to click the response type in the legend to filter on that response, but what it does instead is let me change the color- do people find that useful?

I have to click the slice on the pie chart to filter. This is fine until the field is too small to have a slice so I can't just click on it I have to manually type out the filter.

Can I change this? I'm really confused about this default behavior and I bet most people would expect it to work the way I did.

This is the current behavior. If you would like to see this changed, I suggest filing a new github issue here: . We'll just still need a way to change the colors so the UX might be tricky to figure out. Perhaps clicking on the dot opens the color selector, and clicking on the text filters.

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