How to apply filters in time series visualize builder?

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How should I apply filters in visualize Builder? I've applied filter in discover tab and set Ignore global filters: No.

Is there anything more that I should do.

I've gone through the forum and found This issue was raised in Github last year but I wish by now it must have been solved.

My Dashboard:

Please help, Thanks for your time as always :slight_smile:

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I pinned the filter in Discover tab. Then it worked.

Rahul Nama

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How Should I add Filters in Group by. as I am not able to do my requirement with global filters in discover tab.

I want different filters each representing each line with different color in the graph.

what should I fill in Query String. Any references please?


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Hey @rahulnama when using a Group By "Filter", the Query String corresponds to the Query String Query which is used to define the bucket.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to emulate the filter/query bar that appears in Discover and other Visualizations within Time Series Visual Builder.

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Hello @Brandon_Kobel

Does it mean, I can't apply filters in Time Series Visual Builder ?

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Not currently in the way that you apply filters via the other Visualizations/Dashboards/Discover.

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Thank you @Brandon_Kobel

Any request in github was raised on this?

Rahul Nama

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