How to attach new Leaflet Map plugin to Kibana coordinate map

Dear Team,

There are few Leaflet plugins already part of Kibana coordinate map visualization Setup like leaflet-responsive-popup, etc. Similarly we need to add other leaflet plugins into Kibana like leaflet-control-osm-geocoder-master(Plugin code available under leaflet website), etc. How do we do it?
We are using kibana 6.5.4

Hi All,

Can someone help me on the above mentioned issue

I think they only way to change the leaflet instance is to create your own custom vis and instantiate leaflet however you'd like. I don't believe there's a way to hook into the Kibana one and add custom plugins to it.

Also, be aware that we're actively working on a new maps tool with the intention of replacing the maps we have in Visualize in the future. I'm not sure what that transition looks like though, or if that new map tool even uses leaflet.

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