How to auto login in Kibana using apache?

I have seen many post about auto login using Nginx.

However, how can i auto login to Kibana using apache?

I want to user only acess 'sample' space without login.

So i configured apache configuration like below:

    ProxyPass           /sample
        ProxyPassReverse    /sample
        <Location ~ "/s/visualization_sample/login?next=%2Fs%2Fvisualization_sample%2Fapp%2Fkibana#?_g=()">
            RequestHeader set Authorization "Basic 123asdasdasd="

Help me...

You have to set the authorization header for all requests sent to Kibana - there are also a lot of Javascript bundles fetched from other places.

To restrict this login to just a single space, create a separate user and role for the reverse proxy and only allow this user access to the desired space (when creating the role, scroll down to the "Kibana" section). This way, Kibana will make sure the user can't access other spaces and you don't have to handle that in the proxy.

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