Embed kibana Automatic Login

Hello guys! I'm having some problems with the ELK stack, version 7.6.0.
I'm developing an application and I'm embedding Kibana's dashboards in this application. However, whenever someone tries to access it, it opens the Kibana login screen before.
In Kibana, I created several users with different roles, so access needs to be controlled.

I would like to know if it is possible to automatically login to Kibana, passing the username and password by an API or in some other way in the browser session. My goal is to prevent the appearing of the login screen, so that it's not necessary for the user to manually input his credentials.

In some forum topics I found the staff talking about the api "api/security/v1/login", but in version 7.6.0 it is no longer available.

Has anyone managed to develop something similar and could share?

Most people who do this use a reverse proxy like nginx, with a dedicated user account. There are details here: Public live dashboard/workpad

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