How to change indexing frequency of X-Pack monitoring plugin?


I have X-Pack installed and I have enabled its monitoring feature. In the indexes, I have seen indexes like .monitoring-kibana-2-2016.11.08, .monitoring-es-2-2016.11.08, .monitoring-data-2 etc. Its consuming a lot of space and I would like to know how can I customize the polling / indexing frequency.

Thank you.

My monitoring Indexes are very large, what are best practices?
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The docs have your question covered -


@warkolm I don't have xpack.monitoring.collection.cluster.state.timeout setting in my elasticsearch.yml and as per documentation, it must be 10 min by default, but in Kibana, I have set 5 sec auto interval in monitoring tab, and in every 5 sec, new data is coming. In this scenario, is this 5 sec auto refresh setting actually overriding 10 min setting in yml file?

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I think you are after xpack.monitoring.collection.interval

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