How to clone ES+Kibana instance i.e. place a copy next to the same initial instance


I have successfully configured Logstash+ES+Kibana instance on my QA environment.
And have successfully filled ES with data.
Next, I want to get a copy of ES+Kibana to create a separate QA instance that would not be affected by Logstash actions.
It is obvious that simple "copy/paste" is not enough and I need to configure elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml. A have done this. Namely:

  • elasticsearch.yml
    ** qa2 (for initial instance I use default name: node-1)
    ** http.port: 5555 (for initial instance I use default port: 9200)
  • kibana.yml
    ** server.port: 7777 (for initial instance I use default port: 5601)
    ** (for initial instance I use the same)
    ** elasticsearch.url: "http://localhost:5555" (for initial instance I use "http://localhost:9200")

When I start elasticsearch.bat of copied ES I see the following error in cmd and in log-file:
Can't add node qa2, reason: found existing node with the same id but is a different node instance
When I start Kibana I see the following:
Status Red
plugin:elasticsearch@6.1.3 Service Unavailable

What else I need to do to clone my instance successfully?
P.S. I also need a copy of all existing visualizations that were created in Kibana of initial instance


I guess I have found solution here:

Deleted nodes folder from elasticsearch-6.1.3\data folder and now everything seems to be ok. All Kibana stuff is in place.

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