How to close the gap of elements in X axis of the canvas

I have a area chart configured in the kibana canvas and I want to close the gap between the date elements in the X axis. Is there a way to do so?

Here is how it is looking like:


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The elements in the x-axis will fill whatever container they are placed in, so simply resizing the element (and making it smaller) will close the gap. Is this what you're trying to achieve, or am I misunderstanding?

Thanks for the fast reply @lukas.

Normally it would work fine but I had to do some css to set the legend outside of the chart range.

Before the css:

Captura de Tela (549)

After css:

Captura de Tela (548)

and now I've been trying to close the gap of the X-axis so the date elements would fit the chart (like in the first pic) and the legend would go outside of the chart (2nd pic).

Here is the css I've been working with:

| render 
  css=".canvasRenderEl .flot-base {
    width: 90% !important;
    margin-left: -15px;
.canvasRenderEl .legend table {
    margin-top: -10px;
    left: 85% !important;

.canvasRenderEl .flot-x-axis div {
    margin-top: -10px;
    position: left;


Unfortunately I think you've found the best workaround. Similar question here: Horizontal bar chart in Canvas - value of measure positioned inconveniently - #5 by preetish_P

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