How to get horisontal bars fill the width?

I can not manage to get the horizontal bar with highest value to fill the width of the element.

As you can see on the screen shot the rectangle for the element is far right but there is a free space, a gap till the end.
How to get that the bar with the highest value set the maximum?



Is this on Canvas?


Yes. Sorry I missed that.

@Catherine_Liu one more question on Canvas.


Currently, there is no way to set the bounds of the axes in the Canvas plot element, but we do want to add the option of setting the lower and upper bounds of each axis in the future.

Ok. Should I put request in on github or its already done?

I filed an issue in the Canvas repo. It's currently a private repo, so I'm not able to provide a link to track the progress. It's fairly simple to implement, and hopefully we can get that feature added in a future release soon.

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