How to completely uninstall ELK?

Hi everyone,

I hastily installed ELK and x-pack on a Mac many years ago, the version is 5.6.3.

I forgot how it was installed in the first place, now I wanted to uninstall them all clean and install a different version of ELK (Elasticsearch 6.2.4). What's the best way to do it?

The installation was experimental so there is no data that need to be preserved.

On the Mac, I can see a folder:

And another folder in a path I specified originally, which has these folders:


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An rm -rf of those directories should do it.

Can I just move them to the trash bin? Or do I have to use the rm -rf command?

Is it really enough to just delete those directories? I mean won't this have side effects after I reinstall another version?

Thank you!

It looks like you used Homebrew perhaps try removing it with Homebrew first?

Elastic does not spread configuration out on a Mac so removing the directors should work.

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