Uninstall older versions of elasticsearch and kibana

(Rony Armon) #1

Hello, I just installed elasticsearch and kibana 6.5 on Ubuntu 18.04.1 . Can you explain how to remove the older versions? (elasticsearch 6.4.2, kibana 6.4.3)

(Tek Chand) #2

@ronyarmon, Have you installed the new elasticsearch and kibana on same servers which earlier have older version? If yes, then i am hoping that older version will be uninstalled itself when you install the new version.

Can you please check the version now? Its should show the new version.

If you use new server and want to uninstall from the older server then you can use the below commands:

apt remove <packagename>
apt purge <packagename>


(Rony Armon) #3

Thanks, I'm getting version 6.5 so I can assume that 6.4.3 was uninstalled? Can I delete the 6.4.3 folder?

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