How to uninstall Elastic search 8.0 version in windows

I want to uninstall Elasticsearch 8.0 version in Windows . Is there a Command that i can use to have it uninstalled completely .


I tried to run this command "Elasticsearch-service.bat remove " this gave an error saying

Why are you trying to uninstall Elasticsearch? Have you found some significant bugs? Can you tell me what alternate options you are considering?

The reason for uninstalling ELK 8 is, it is incompatible with some plugins. so we are trying to go back to elk 7.17.x version

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what is surprising is i am unable to find an command to uninstall the elk8 version.. i would like to do a clean uninstall

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There is a typo in your command, it should be elasticsearch-service.bat, you typed elasticsearch-service. bat.

If you want to do a clean uninstall just remove the service and delete the folder, you can also remove the service directly from the service management tab in windows.

Thanks for the reply. I did a clean uninstall by removing the service and deleting the folder.

Thank you

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