How to uninstall Elasticsearch from Windows

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Hi all,

I installed elasticsearch version 2.3.5 on my computer by accident. I set it up to run as a service and now I can't find any documentation on how to uninstall elasticsearch. Does anybody know how to uninstall elasticsearch?

I'd really appreciate any help or advice people have!

Kind regards,

Anne Marie

(David Pilato) #2


service.bat remove [SERVICE_ID] 

(Anne Marie) #3

Thank you!

I ran elasticsearch-service.bat and it removed the service.

Just to clarify, that's all I have to do to uninstall evrything from elasticsearch. I can now delete all the files ?

Thanks so much for your help!

Anne Marie

(David Pilato) #4

I believe so. Once the service has been stopped and removed. You can remove elasticsearch binary.

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