How to configure Data table visualization as drilldown in Line graph visualization

Hi Team,

Is it possible to provide data table visualization as drilldown upon clicking any line in line graph visualization in Kibana?

For example, I have a line graph(built based on number of method calls on Y-axis and time on X-axis) in which each line represent one java-method name (read, write, etc) . I have a requirement to show only that method related details in data-table visualization format once I click on the respective method related line.

Could you please help me. It's very much urgent for me.

In the most recent version of Kibana you can do that by using drilldowns:

You can't link to a data table visualization directly, but you can put the visualization on a separate dashboard and link to that which achieves the same thing.

Hi @flash1293,

Thank you so much.
After installing the latest version of elasticsearch and Kibana, I'm able to view the 'Create Drilldown' option as shown in the documentation which was not visible earlier.

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