How to connect Kibana to Remote elasticsearch

Hi All,

I have installed kibana in my local system, my elasticsearch is in production server running on 9200 port, i have made 9200 port public.

I have made changes to kibana.yml file by making elasticsearch.url pointing towards my production elasticsearch.

I am getting the below error:

"" [warning][license][xpack] License information from the X-Pack plugin could not be obtained from Elasticsearch for the [data] cluster. [illegal_argument_exception] No feature for name [_xpack] :: {"path":"/_xpack","statusCode":400,"response":"{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"No feature for name [_xpack]"}],"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"No feature for name [_xpack]"},"status":400}"} ""

what to do any suggestions or help ??

Can u access localhost:9200 ? What version are you trying to install ?

See if this post helps you too .X-pack 5.1.1 error in kibana


for me kibana login page is coming on localhost:5601 address.

Kibana 6.3 and my production elasticsearch server is 2.4

What is the output of elastic_ip:9200 from your kibana installed machine's browser ?

for example your production elastic IP is then try from browser addressbar ->

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