Kibana can't connect with Elasticsearch

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Dear experts,

I met and issue that my Kibana can't connect with my Elasticsearch,
The result shows as below:

Checked the Kibana WEB GUI, there is an issue shows as below:

illegal_argument_exception] No endpoint or operation is available at [_node]

Would you please help me check it?
How can I debug or solve it?

Thank you.

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If this is without x-pack, what version , how did u install the stack ? Can you reach . localhost:9200 and see if its accessible? Would need more details on how you installed , if its on a VM ? how much memory does it have etc... I installed v5.1.1 on my local Mac OSX and it runs fine .
Is there x-pack involved? This looks as if the x-pack plugin on the elasticsearch side was not installed successfully, can you rerun bin/elasticsearch-plugin install x-pack - make sure you finish the installation by manually agreeing on the ask for security permissions.


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Hi Rashmi,

Thanks a lot to reply me, I install the elasticsearch is 5.1.1, and the kibana is also 5.1.1. and I can reach my localhost:9200 well. I install the ELK on a linux server. and the memory is enough to use.

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