How to create a built_assets from Kibana Source Code in Kibana_7.2.0

Hi Team,

How can we create or build the built_assets folder with files from kibana source code. I can able to see many things loading from built_assets. I think it was newly introduced in Kibana 7.2.0

While running the kibana.bat file is not creating everytime. How can we create this folder with necessary file for running the kibana.

Thanks in Advance...

Hey @PrabakarKaruppasamy,

The build_assets folder contains long-lived artifacts used by Kibana, and it's created during the build process. It is not automatically generated when Kibana starts up, and it's not meant to be deleted from the distribution.

If you need to recreate this directory, I'd recommend downloading Kibana again from, and extracting a fresh copy.

@Larry_Gregory Thanks for your valuable response. I have identified that the kibana logo is loading or rending from the build_assets folder. I would like to change the kibana logo from version 7.x to 6.x or 5.x. Is there any other alternative ways to change the logo.

Please correct me if the logo is not rending from folder.

Kibana doesn't currently expose a way for you to replace the logo, so there won't be an alternative way other than replacing the file directly

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