How to create a custome plugin to metric visualization that based on our requriment

hey friends i am new to kibana and elasticsearch we are using 7.5.0 version
custom url navigation in metric visualisation to dash board.
we try to change the metric visualisation in kibana 7.5.0.
our requirement is when we click a metric count that should navigate me to the dashboard that url is custom specified.
when we hardcoded the url in source code we are able to navigate from metric to that url.
our requirement is url should be custom.we modified metric visualisation source code and in option we added a text field url.
while building the metric visualisation added url in option should be in effect if we click on metric.we are new to kibana source code developement.
can any one help me where can i modify the source to get my requirements done.

is there any tutorials or url links plz do help to solve it

Hi, in Kibana 7.8, there has been drill-down support added:

It sounds a lot like what you are looking for. Hope that helps!

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