How to create Multiple Apps

Hi can any one help me out How to create Multiple Apps in one Kibana 7.1.1 plugin
Now what we want is to have a index for each of the apps that writes to our elk instance. Lets say we have e apps (app1, app2, app3). We d like to have three indices (app1-..., app2-... and app3-...). Any ideas on how we can achieve that?

Sure, in your uiExports you can define multiple apps:

uiExports: {
  apps: [{
      id: 'app1',
      title: 'App One',
      main: 'plugins/my_plugin/app1',
    }, {
      id: 'app2,
      title: 'App Two',
      main: 'plugins/my_plugin/app2',

HI....lukas thank you for all your support
am not getting where i have to place UiExports in kabana am new to kibana can you pleas Gide he on this

UiExports is it possible in kibana basic version of 7.1.1

Are you building a Kibana plugin? It might be helpful to take a look at an existing plugin to help you get started:

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