Multiple Apps in one Kibana plugin

I was wondering if you could have multiple 'Apps' in one Kibana plugin. My use case is I want to have a few Apps that just have an iframe. I would have a config variable with a list of app names and app urls to make 'Apps' iframes for. (Same origin). Thanks

hi @bryan_t,

yeah, that should be possible. Apps are pretty flexible what kind of HTML-contents they display, so you can have iframes in there no problem.

Thanks @thomasneirynck for the response.
Sorry, I don't think I phrased my question very well. When I say an app plugin, I mean it as the type that could have an entry on the nav sidebar and have its own page. Since I want more than one of these 'Apps', is it possible to to specify multiple apps in the same plugin. As in, specify multiple 'Apps' in the uiExports of one plugin.

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