How to create Multiple trend chart in single line graph using Custom Field in Y-axis

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Hi I have a requirement to show the status of my Apache instances from the http_status code from server. I have multiple Apache instance - for each http instance I need the trend graph in a single Line chart using time-interval in x-axis and y-axis should have the apache error codes like 200, 302, 500, 502 for all the apache instances.
In the y-axis, Is there a way to add the Custom field as aggregation so that I can use date-histogram in X-axis and in split chart, I can add the apache instance in split chart Rows for trend graph inside the Line Graph.
The Y-axis has only default aggregations by which I can not get the error codes in the y-axis. Could anyone has done this before. please suggest and help.

(Lukas Olson) #2

I'm not sure what you mean here. Is there any way you could sketch the graph you are hoping for an upload it?

(Arun Prasath) #3

Lukas @ I need a graph to see the url status like attached.
I found this can be done using heartbeat. Is there a way to plot a graph without using heartbeat.

(Arun Prasath) #4

Anyone knew how to get this graph? Please help.

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