How to create table by month grouped by year

Hello everyone, i'm new in the ELK stack.
I have to to make a table but it's really hard can you please help me.

To help you understand what i have to do, i will explain my datas.
I got bugs tickets with the id/name of the bug, of his project and of his user who make a change on it.
I filter on "time change" on tickets, people have to add the time they worked on tickets.
I also got the timestamp of the worktime change and the delta between the old value of time and new value (example on a ticket named "Shopcart doesn't work, i worked 1d already and today i will work 1d more on it so 1 -> 2 = delta of 1d)

What i have to do is a table, each row is a month, each column a project, and i want the sum of time worked by project and by month.
I need also :

  • A total by month (row), so the sum of all project on month.
  • A total by project by year
  • A total of totals

Here an image of the excel table i received.

Is it possible to make tables like that ?
Thank you in advance and sorry for my english (:fr:)


No need to be sorry about your English at all.

This is possible. Can you please look at Kibana lens table? I am assuming your data is already in elasticsearch. What do you see in discover for these values?

I also suggest going to through some Kibana webinars to familiarize yourself with them.Welcome to Elastic Docs | Elastic


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