How to customize fleet agent policy integration


I am currently setting up an Elasticsearch cluster using the ECK operator, and I would like to know how I can customize the fleet integration configuration using the kibana.yml

The problems I am facing.

  1. I can create a new policy and install the integration, But deleting the policy from the config file is not deleting the policy from UI. How to make this work?
  2. How can I adjust the integration settings? I cannot find any detailed documentation on how to adjust this.
    Here is an example kibana.yml xpack.fleet.agentPolicies
      - name: elastic_agent
        version: latest
      - name: fleet_server
        version: latest
      - name: elasticsearch
        version: latest
      - name: Fleet Server on ECK policy
        id: eck-fleet-server
        is_default_fleet_server: true
        description: Fleet Server in EKS Policy
        is_managed: true
        namespace: default
        - metrics
        - logs
        unenroll_timeout: 600
        - name: fleet-server
          id: fleet-server
            name: fleet_server
        - name: elasticsearch
          id: elasticsearch
            name: elasticsearch
            - type: elasticsearch-elasticsearch/metrics
              enabled: true
              - name: hosts
                value: ["https://es-http.elastic-systems.svc:9200"]

After applying the changes, kibana logs sys the fleet configuration completed. But the changes are not reflected in the UI.

Thanks in advance

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