Kubernetes integration on ECK Kibana Fleet policy sample

Looking to deploy ECK from kubernetes manifest configuring a Kubernetes integration through a fleet agent policy defined in Kibana manifest yaml. Any well defined templates that could help me understand where I went wrong? I read the api reference and nothing from the inputs and below seem to take affect once policies are created.

    - name: Elastic Agent on ECK policy
      id: eck-agent
      namespace: default
      - logs
      - metrics
      unenroll_timeout: 900
      is_default: true
      - package:
          name: system
        name: system-1
      - package:
          name: kubernetes
        name: kubernetes-1
        description: Sample logging for kubernetes
        - type: container-logs-filestream
          enabled: true
          - data_stream:
              dataset: kubernetes.container_logs
            enabled: true
              - name: paths
                value: "/var/log/containers/*${kubernetes.container.id}.log"
              - name: symlinks
                value: false
              - name: containerParserStream
                value: "none"
              - name: containerParserFormat
                value: "auto"
              - name: condition
                value: "${kubernetes.labels.sample} == 'samplevalue'"
              - name: processors
                value: | 
                  - decode_json_fields:
                      when.regexp.message: '^{'
                      fields: ["message"]
                      target: ""
                      overwrite_keys: true

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