How to deal with Elastic Cloud?

Hi all.

I have studied Elasticsearch for a while by means of DevTools, where everything worked just fine:

  • index creation;
  • tweaking search and data Analyzers;
  • data population with CSV files.

But for now, I decided to try a real-life example with elastic cloud and stucked.

I got my Enterprise search End-point and credentials, I figured out how to access my engine, but how can I implement similar commands to my elastic cloud search engine, as I did previously in DevTools? Do it have counterparts?

I'm trying to do the following:

  1. Perform some pre-adjustments before data poppulation:


  "settings": {
    "analysis": {
      "analyzer": {},
      "tokenizer": {},
      "filter": {}
  "mappings": {
    "properties": {}

It worked just fine in the dev tools.

  1. Populate data with my CSV file

I'm a tad puzzled because I can't deal with the cloud by myself. So please enlighten me a little bit, on how can I perform the aforementioned actions on the Elastic cloud and also I'm interesting, in how to add nodes to it in the future.

Hey Nikolaj!

Good to see you here! Let's see how we can help.

1 - What kind of failure are you seeing in the Dev Console, if any?
2 - Which interface are you using to upload the CSV?

There are no issues with the console at all. I just want to perform the same actions on my Elastic Cloud, but can't figure out, how.

Dev Console actions should work exactly the same on Elastic Cloud, thus my original question.

Based on your original post, it seems like you are using the Elasticsearch and Enterprise Search terms interchangeably. The Dev Console allows you to interact with Elasticsearch directly, but is unrelated to Enterprise Search (which uses search engines as the core entity). Moreover, Enterprise Search engines are not directly updatable the way Elasticsearch indices are.

It would be helpful to see more of the commands you are trying to issue to further understand what you are seeking to do. I have a feeling it may just be a case of APIs being mistaken.

I can't get it. What if I need to customize my own search analyser and default analyser? Can I do it with elastic cloud or I need to use Elasticsearch local application?

I moved your question to #elastic-stack:elasticsearch as it seems related to it and not to #enterprise-search.

All what you can do locally can be done as well from elastic cloud.

So you can create your own index with your index settings and mapping.

Please. What exactly am I doing wrong?

Can I perform such queries with elastic cloud or do I need to fall back to the localhost application?
The link itself is valid. Also, I'm using private-key for my queries.

You are using the enterprisesearch endpoint and not Elasticsearch endpoint.

Thanks :pray:
Finally I have started to understand the difference and how to properly deal with elastic cloud.

Enterprise search is nice solution to build e-commerce sites with powerful search dashboard template builder, facilitated UX, Authorisation layer for CRUD operations and bunch of tweaks for nice type inference out from the box.

From the other side Elasticsearch is the open source core technology without aforementioned features which has it's own API and methods and nice choice for custom solutions any level of complexity.

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