How to define time range Connection Graph

Hi, we using the graph for centrality analysis to identify the most central nodes in our platform (links between users).

I wish to emphasize that I am not a programer or something as such and mostly use Kibana for fraud analysis purposes.

My boss who is super user and have permission to everything, tried to edit the graph date range but the inspect area is not editable. I hope that the screenshot attached will explain my issue better.


many thanks for your help

Hi @leesever

Yup you can not edit the "Inspect"

That syntax will not work in the KQL bar.

You are going to need to do something like this

@timestamp >= "2023-07-16T00:00:00.000Z"

You can read about KQL Syntax Here:

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That was an easy one :melting_face: it worked. Thank you so much for the swift response.

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