How to disable timezone conversion

I am using kibana 5.5.0 and have issue with timezones. Currently data I receive comes from different timezones and sometimes without timezone specified at all. For example:

date1: 2016-06-13T08:30:00Z
date2: 2016-06-13T08:30:00
date3: 2016-06-13T08:30:00+01:00

Given field is in 'date' format and is displayed with my browser's settings related to timezone (I'm in +02:00). Thus the converted values are:

date1: June 13th 2016, 10:30:00.000
date2: June 13th 2016, 10:30:00.000
date3: June 13th 2016, 09:30:00.000

Is there a way to disable this conversion to one common timezone? I know that in Advanced settings I can change the timezone for conversion, but it will result in all date times displayed in different TZ than currently, which is not my goal.
I would like to display data with the 'original' date and timezone, without the conversion. I would like to also see if data came with timezone specified or not.

Any feedback appreciated.


it's currently not possible to disable the time zone conversion.

So at the moment your only choice would be, to store the value (either of the timezone it self or the whole timezone'd string) in a separate field to show in Kibana.


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Thanks for your reply @timroes .

I have problem with storing the value as string - whenever I send new field with date time string it will be automatically set to type date.
I already have some data in the system and I need to update this one field, but while using "PUT" method I receive error that the index already exists.

query looks like that more or less:

PUT my-index
"mappings": {
"properties": {
"field1": { "type": "text"}

But the created indexes are new for every day, so I have my-index-2017.10.26 for example. I would like to change the mapping for all indexes created in the future, is that possible?

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