How to disable user interaction with an embedded (iframe) visualization

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I have embedded with Iframes a kibana visualization into a web page. Is there any way to disable certain user actions that interact with the visualization? For example, to disable the users' ability to scroll, filter, or click at the options button.

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When you set up the user role for accessing your Kibana visualization in the iframe, you can configure specific privileges to limit what that user is able to do.

There are only two things you can do at the moment to limit the UI controls that are available within any given Kibana application:

  1. Assign a feature privilege (either all or read)
  2. With a Gold license or higher, you can also customize sub-feature privileges (for example, you can give a user with read access to Visualizations the ability to create short URLs when they normally wouldn't be able to).

The only sub-feature privilege that is available for visualizations is the ability to create short URLs. Unfortunately, there isn't any support to accomplish what you are describing today.

If you'd like to have more granular control / additional sub-feature privileges, you can feel free to submit a feature request on GitHub!

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